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My background

I began grave tending 12 years ago, and I find great satisfaction in caring for these very special places. I provide very regular care to the plants at the grave sites, and it is something I do with love and respect for the whole environment. It is my endeavour to provide a service which can bring some genuine peace and comfort to people who are grieving.

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Introducing Rachel's Grave Planting and Tending Service

Always at Your Service

The most important part of my job is listening to what people want and making sure that what I do is a realisation of your wishes. There are many plants I can use, and am happy to respond to your preferences. I will take care of the soil, using home made compost, and routinely weed, water and protect the plants with rabbit repellents. If you would like the stonework to be kept clean, I will use water and brushes to do so. Anything requiring more than water should be done by a specialist grave cleaner.

I am happy to meet anyone who is thinking of using my service for free, so we can decide if I am the right person to create the space that you want. My service requires an initial payment of £100 to enable me to buy plants and begin work. After this, the upkeep and continued care costs can be done for £40 a month. I am open to arranging a bespoke plan, if someone wants something specific.


Rachel helped me when I was unable to go to my parents grave due to illness/ a fall. (I already had the misfortune of having some of what I had put down there removed). She bought me bk a place to go for solace and a feeling of dignity and beauty by working on the area for me in the kind of way I could feel comfortable. She gave me bk a place in which to cherish and honour my parents-with respect for nature, it looked as if it had grown there by itself and yet been watered and cared for-I'd recommend her humanistic and gentle approach both to me and the memory of my parents.

Karen Ann


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